Electro-Voice ND68 Instrumentmikrofon, dynamisk, superkardioid

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EV Mikrofon för bastrummor, dynamisk, superkardioid

2 - 4 dagars leveranstid

Voiced to deliver a powerful kick drum sound with little or no additional EQ?ing required. Also highly effective when used on other bass instruments.
? Humbucking coil guards against line hum: Use with confidence near speaker cabinets and EMF-generating equipment racks
? Memraflex grille resists denting: Durable tight-mesh grilles withstand extraordinarily rough treatment
? Voiced for kick drums: Gives you tight lows, relaxed mids and snappy highs
? Extended low frequency response: Captures and delivers the deep low end necessary for kick drums and other low frequency
instruments like bass guitar cabinets and large toms
? Extremely high SPL handling capability: Manages close miking of high SPL transients and RMS wave fronts up to 144 dB SPL