Electro-Voice ND66 Kondensatormikrofon Kardioid Instrument

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Condenser Cardioid Instrument Microphone

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  • Premium small-diaphragm condenser element
    Self-biased  condenser element is vividly responsive to sound sources that need a  mic which translates transient details very well
  • Clean, crisp and detailed condenser sound
    Captures all details of percussive and stringed instruments
  • Easy mic placement with locking pivoting head
    Achieve  ideal mic placement in virtually any situation by pushing a button,  pivoting the head into position and releasing the button to lock
  • Selectable -10 and -20 dB pads
    Provides the necessary gain reduction to prevent the mic element from overloading
  • Selectable 75 Hz and 150 Hz high-pass filters
    Selectable HPF frequencies are strategically chosen to eliminate bothersome low frequencies from the signal path

  The ND66 is a robust, high-performance  small-diaphragm condenser instrument microphone. Its self-biased  small-diaphragm condenser element is vividly responsive to the complex  dynamic nature of percussive and stringed instruments, and delivers a  clean, crisp and detailed sound. With the ND66?s exclusive locking  rotating head, achieve ideal mic placement in virtually any situation by  merely pushing a button, rotating the head into position, then  releasing the button to lock the head's position.