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EV Ficksändare RE3-BPT-8M, UHF, 823-865Mhz

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EV Ficksändare, UHF, 823-865Mhz2 - 4 dagars leveranstidRobust metal bodySync function for easy frequency setupSelectable low and high output power (band specif


EV Ficksändare, UHF, 823-865Mhz

2 - 4 dagars leveranstid

Robust metal body

Sync function for easy frequency setup

Selectable low and high output power (band specific)

Up to 36 MHz tuning bandwidth (band specific)

Unique magnetic latch and lock for easy access to batteries

  The RE3-BPT is a small, lightweight yet robust UHF bodypack  transmitter. It is easily worn and concealed, making it an ideal form  factor for a wide variety of professional presentation and performance  applications. From stand-up presentations, to theatrical and musical  performances, to high-energy fitness and athletic situations, this sleek  and rugged transmitter fits comfortably and accepts a wide variety of  input devices.

The all-metal body is robust and durable, and operates on 2 AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMH


  The ultrasonic sync function makes for a simple system setup by syncing  the transmitter to the receiver frequency tuning and other functional  data.

The selectable output power (band specific) assists in overcoming the challenges of both long, or short, transmission ranges.

The tuning bandwidth affords generous frequency tuning options helping to avoid various sources of possible interference.

  The unique magnetic sliding latch and lock mechanism keeps the battery  door closed securely and makes opening to access the batteries  effortless.

Recharging contacts provide for functional use  with the optional BC2 charging station allowing the NiMH rechargeable  cells within two bodypack transmitters to be charged without removal.