Lewitt DGT 450 USB mikrofon

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DGT 450 USB microphone
Compatible with iOS // OS X // Windows
Direct monitoring
Low-latency audio interface
Headphone connector
Perfect for podcasts, gaming and home studio recording
Whenever you need high-resolution audio, the DGT 450 is the ideal  solution for professional USB recording. Featuring the same capsule used  in our highly acclaimed studio line, the DGT 450 guarantees  distortion-free and crystal-clear sound. A built-in headphone amp,  direct monitoring functionality, low-cut filter, and pre-attenuation  round off this comprehensive USB solution.
Zero-latency monitoring 
Professional recording demands proper monitoring functionality. Blend between zero-latency
direct and playback monitoring. This is essential to avoid latency problems using your mobile device.
Powerful headphone amp
Never run out of headroom
With our powerful headphone amp you can easily drive any set of studio headphones so that
you will hear every signal loud and clear during production.
Control Center software
The Control Center – available for PC and Mac – allows remote control of all parameters from
your host device