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Lewitt LCT 240 PRO BLACK

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LCT 240 PRO Studio condenser microphoneDetailed and clear soundDesigned for vocals, spoken word, and instrumentsUnbeatable price to performance ratioCardioid po


LCT 240 PRO Studio condenser microphone
Detailed and clear sound
Designed for vocals, spoken word, and instruments
Unbeatable price to performance ratio
Cardioid polar pattern
Your mic for entering the magnificent world of pro recording.
Do you want to start recording like a pro? The LCT 240 PRO features a high-performance
condenser capsule for sophisticated studio sound. Professional audio engineers use condenser
microphones for vocals or acoustic guitar, as they capture sound with lots of details.
Whatever you're going to record will shine on its own and sit well in the mix. With the LCT 240
PRO, you get a sound that's easy to work with for vocals, spoken word, and instruments.
Designed for podcasts
Connect with your audience in studio quality.
It's easy to improve the sound quality of your podcast or streaming  channel. With the LCT240 PRO you elevate it to a professional level. The  LCT 240 PRO is being used in
professional studios around the world, as it provides clear and detailed sound. It features a
studio-grade condenser capsule, sturdy housing, and a professional XLR plug.
Connect it to your audio interface and enjoy the improved sound quality.
Great on amps at any volume
Record even your most ear-shattering amps.
These go to 11. You can record your guitar amp even at its highest  volume. The LCT 240 PRO handles sound pressure levels of up to 140  dBSPL. Nevertheless, especially for your neighbors' mental health, you  don't have to turn it all the way up. At low volumes, you'll profit from  the high sensitivity our high-performance capsule provides.
Every detail of your sound will be recorded with depth and clarity from stage to bedroom levels.