Monacor DMT-4004 Digital multimeter

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Digital multimeter, for professional applications.Protected against dust and water according to IP67 when test jacks are coveredAutoranging for faster measureme

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Digital multimeter, for professional applications.

  • Protected against dust and water according to IP67 when test jacks are covered
  • Autoranging for faster measurements
  • Resolution: 4,000 digits, basic accuracy: 0.5 %
  • Voltage measurement: up to 1,000 V DC current /?
  • Current measurement: up to 10 A DC current /?
  • Frequency measurement: up to 10 MHz
  • Resistance measurement: up to 40 M?
  • Capacitance measurement: up to 200 µF
  • Acoustic continuity test
  • Diode test
  • Data hold (storage of measured value)
  • Reference value measurements
  • LCD with selectable backlight
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Overload protection
  • Supplied with test leads and protective bag
Display29 mm LCD, 3 ¾ digits
Range selectionautomatic,
Voltage5 ranges
DC current  400 mV-1,000 V
? 400 mV-1,000 V
Current5 ranges
DC current  400 µA-10 A
? 400 µA-10 A
Resistance6 ranges
400 ?-40 M?
Frequency7 ranges
9,999 Hz-9,999 MHz
Capacitance6 ranges
4 nF-200 µF
Battery test-
Admiss. ambient temp.0-50 °C
Dimensions83 x 180 x 54 mm
incl. rubber holster
Weight490 g
Power supply9 V battery (not supplied)
Special featuresdiode test and continuity test,
hold function, IP67