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Radial Engineering JDI STEREO Passive Direct Box

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* Jensen Transformer equipped passive DI
* Eliminates hum and  buzz from ground loops
* Virtually zero phase & harmonic distortion
*  Compact stereo format for twice the performance

The Radial JDI Stereo is a passive stereo direct box designed to handle  extreme signal levels without distortion of any kind. Unlike an active DI that  is limited by the buffering amplifier's rail voltage, the JDI employs a pair of  Jensen audio transformers that at once balance the signal and lower the  impedance to drive long cables. No power is required. You simply plug in and it  works.

The magic comes from the amazing Jensen transformers inside. Jensens are  legendary in their ability to gracefully handle transients while delivering a  smooth, warm sounding Bessel curve, reminiscent of the finest vintage gear.  Ruler flat from 10Hz to 40kHz and with virtually zero phase deviation, the JDI  Stereo delivers the natural, pure sound of the instrument without artifact. In  addition to converting the unbalanced Hi-Z signal to low, the transformers also  serve to isolate the input from the output, essentially filtering out stray DC  voltage that can cause noise and lead to so called ground loops. This allows  audio to pass while eliminating problems.

Features include input and thru-put ¼" connectors plus a -15dB input pad on  each channel. This is supplemented with a ground lift switch that lifts pin-1 on  the two XLR outputs to further reduce hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Built  tough to handle the abuse of live touring, the JDI Stereo employs a 14-gauge  steel I-beam inner frame and a unique book-end outer shell. The innovative  design eliminates stress on the PCB, reducing opportunity for solder joints to  go 'cold' while the outer shell creates a protective zone around the switches  and connectors. The steel enclosure works with the transformer's MuMETAL® cans  and internal Faraday shield to protect the sensitive inner workings from  powerful magnetic fields such as those generated by stage amplifiers. This  ensures the signal transfer is quiet and free from hum.

The original Radial JDI has become the most popular passive direct box in  both professional touring and recording studios around the world and there is no  question that the JDI Stereo is sure to follow suit. These combined features  have made the Radial JDI the most popular passive direct box in professional  touring and an excellent choice for instrument interface in the studio!

The Radial JDI? the world's finest passive direct box.