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Stealth Sonics U2 IEM - Universal

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Beställningsvara. Skickas direkt från leverantörThe U2 or C2 is a two driver in-ear monitor (IEM) system that  features a finely tuned, crossover free h


Beställningsvara. Skickas direkt från leverantör

The U2 or C2 is a two driver in-ear monitor (IEM) system that  features a finely tuned, crossover free hybrid-driver deign IEM. This  provides a soft and blended sonic profile.

It combines a: dynamic driver made from high density neodymium  magnets and OFHC voice coils selected for being able to provide a warm  and controlled low end response; and a balanced armature tuned to give a  smooth mid-range and highs for a well textured presentation that is  comfortable to listen too everyday. This is housed in an  acoustically-optimized composite material that uses Stealth Sonics  Stealth Kompozit features that is not just very comfortable but light  weight as well. Each side of the U2 weighs in at just 4 grams.

The U2 also employs Stealth Sonics proprietary design features such  as: the Klarity valve to reduce pressure build up and fatigue in the ear  canal from long usage; Stealth damping for more controlled bass  response ; and SonicFlo Acoustics for resonance and cancellation  reduction. 

• Drivers: 2
• 1 x Dynamic Low Driver
• 1 x Balanced Armature Mid/Hi Driver
• Crossover:  Time-Aligned (No Crossover)
• Isolation: -26 dB Isolation (-36dB for Custom)
• Bores: 2 asymmetrical bores
• Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
• Sensitivity: 103dB SOK @ 1mW
• Impedence: 16 Ohms @ 1kHz
• THD: <=1% @ 1kHz
• Warranty: 1 year
What comes in the box:
• 1 Pair of IEMs with carbon fibre faceplates affixed
• 1 pair of spare faceplates with allen key
• 1 Stealth IEM pro cable
• 1 Stealth IEM cable with in-line microphone
• 3 pairs of foam ear tips (different sizes)
• 3 pairs of silicone tips (different sizes)
• 1 pair double flange ear tips (different sizes)
• ¼ inch jack
• 1 Soft-shell IEM case
• 1 suede IEM pouch
• 1 cleaning cloth
• Warranty Card