Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio edition med mic - boxed

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Finally you can work with confidence on the setup you have.  Sonarworks Reference 4 removes unwanted coloration from your studio  speakers and headphones, so you can trust that you hear your mix  accurately.

Reference 4 Studio Edition offers the full package of highly powerful  software, providing consistent reference sound, both in the studio and  on the go. You can also measure your studio with the included mic, in  only 10 minutes. Reference 4 then creates a calibration profile. For  headphones, select a pre-made profile and you're ready to go.  Calibration can be run in DAW via plugin for lowest latency or via  Systemwide for maximum versatility.

Reference 4 Studio Edition includes:
Reference 4 Measure - find out where your monitors need help
Reference 4 DAW plugin - reference sound combined with zero latency for any musical endeavor
Reference 4 Systemwide - apply calibration to all outgoing audio
XREF20 measurement mic - sniffs out any faults your setup might have
All products can be activated on 3 machines.
System requirements:
Mac: macOS 10.9 or later
PC: Windows 7 or later
Hardware: 2 GB RAM; 1024x768 display
Measurement microphone with a flat frequency response
Audio interface with phantom power (for XLR microphones) (not  included) Sonarworks supported headphones or Sonarworks individually  calibrated headphones
NB: Currently our speaker measurement  software Reference 4 Measure does not work on Windows 10 with  Thunderbolt Apollo and Avid HD interfaces.